The Journey of Wasti Law: From Sialkot to London and USA

Twenty years ago, a legacy was initiated in the heart of Sialkot by Syed Nasir Ali Wasti, a distinguished Advocate of the High Court. His vision for a legal firm that would be rooted in community, justice, and excellence gave birth to Wasti Law. As we reminisce about our journey, we cannot help but acknowledge the significant milestones and the individuals who have been pillars in this venture.

The Genesis of Wasti Law

In the bustling city of Sialkot, Syed Nasir Ali Wasti laid the foundation of Wasti Law. His relentless dedication and expertise soon brought him recognition and respect in the legal fraternity. The firm flourished, expanding its wings with the inclusion of his brother, Syed Afzal Wasti, and sister, Syeda Farzana Wasti, as notable Advocates in the High Court.

In 2010, seeking new horizons, Syed Nasir Ali Wasti relocated to London, UK, where he continued his legal practice, bringing the expertise and ethos of Wasti Law to an international clientele.

Wasti Brothers: Branching Out and Flourishing

The story of the Wasti family is a testament to resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. Prior to the establishment of Wasti Law, the Wasti brothers made a significant move to the USA in 1981. Today, Syed Anwar Wasti, Syed Hasnat Wasti, and Nosha Wasti have firmly established themselves in the USA.

Their ventures span across various industries including real estate and IT services. Notably, they spearheaded the Qabar Safai Corp, a business that has cemented its reputation in the industry. The Wasti brothers exemplify the multifaceted success that can be achieved with determination and vision.

A Pillar in the Community

Wasti Law has always been more than just a legal firm. From its inception, it has been a community partner with a strong emphasis on helping women navigate through legal issues, offering free consultations and support. This spirit of community service has been a hallmark of Wasti Law, reflecting our commitment to giving back to the society that nurtured us.

Connecting with Wasti Law

Today, Wasti Law stands as a beacon of legal excellence with offices in Sialkot, Lahore, London, and New York. We are here to assist you in navigating through complex legal terrains, armed with decades of experience and a community-centric approach.


From its humble beginnings in Sialkot to its international presence today, Wasti Law embodies a journey of perseverance, vision, and success. As we look back at our rich history, we are filled with gratitude for the journey and the incredible individuals who have been part of this story.

At Wasti Law, we are committed to forging ahead, carrying the legacy of Syed Nasir Ali Wasti and the enterprising Wasti family, serving justice, and fostering community bonds. Reach out to us today and let us be your trusted legal partner.

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Wasti Brothers

From Sialkot's vibrancy to the US dreamscape, the Wasti brothers embraced heritage and opportunity, becoming community pillars through entrepreneurship and education, illuminating the path of hope and determination for immigrants.

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